6th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference held under GIMDES organization.

    6th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference held under GIMDES organization.
    All together One voice full unity for a Halal and Tayyib life

    Didn’t the time of holding the rope of Allah come?

    “Islam ummah doesn’t request Kosher anymore!

    Halal Slaughter is a blessing of Allah!..

    The problem of Halal medicine, Halal cosmetic can be solved by Halal Certification.

    6th International Halal and Tayyib Products Conference were held on 7 September 2013 in Istanbul hosted by GIMDES.

    Conference has done in four sessions:

    The first session topic is Halal and Healthy products manufacture and trade problems and its resolution proposals in the Muslims and non Muslim countries. Yusuf Patel from South Africa was the chairman of this session. Session speakers are submitted their presentation; American Halal Foundation President, Mazhar HUSSAİNİ, The member of Halal Monitering Control, Zubair BUTT.

    In the second session investigations of medicine and cosmetic raw material on the aspects of Islamic perspective topic has discussed. In this session SANHA Fiqh Committee President, M. Mohamed Saeed NAVLAKHI, Associate professor İlker ALAT, Associate Professor Mustafa Kemal BAŞARALI has submitted their presentations.

    In the third sessions Halal slaughter opinions of Muslims all in the world topic has covered. In the third session, chairman is associate Professor Serkan ÇAKIR. Session speakers are Associate professor İlker ALAT, The member of Kuwait Scientific Research Institute Dr. Hani Al-Maazedi, Al-khadeem Foundation President Hussain Yee has covered.

    In the fourth session, Consumption risks for transgenic and genetically modified organisms in Islam and Health viewpoint topic has covered. In this session, Researcher Prof. Dr. Aida Ghanem, GIMDES Halal Products Research Institute Vice President Dr. Hali Aydın, The consultant of Saudi Food and Drug Authority Dr. Zuhair Mulla has submitted their presentations.

    The highlighted and emphasized points during the conference as the following:

    – Reliable Halal Certification bodies all over the world must be gathered under one umbrella organization for the sake of Allah. And this association can’t distribute for worldly ambition.

    – Creating a single global Halal standard and provide the applicability at once.

    – Non-Muslims can’t involve in Halal Certification process, which totally belongs to Muslims.

    – GDO products cannot allow in the Halal Standard since they carry great suspicious.

    – One of the biggest problems of the Muslims Halal drug issue must be solved as soon as possible.

    – Halal Slaughter is healthy, hygienic and superior methods.

    – Electroshock stunning in the animal slaughter should not be preferred method.

    -Encountered problems of Muslim Ummah regarding Halal Cosmetic such as Halal, healthy, hygiene and quality problems can be resolved during Halal Certification studies.

    – We altogether have to hold the rope of Allah for solving the Halal bite issue, so we have to behave according to Quran.

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