Under the leadership of GIMDES, 6th HALALEXPO 2015 opens its doors.

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    Halal industry has received special attention worldwide as one of the most potential businesses to be explored and developed. Demand from approximately 2 billion Muslims throughout the world has become a crucial door-opener for Halal industry.

    The halal food market is currently worth 20% of the entire global food industry and could account for 35% of world trade in food products in the future. Asia, Africa and Europe account for respectively 75%, 30%, and 22% of the global market. Apparently, an increased number of consumers asks for food products that comply with Islamic law.

    Halal Market is rapidly growing sector in Turkey and all over the world. The expected potential will be 337 billion dollars until 2023.

    6th HALALEXPO 2015 Halal and Tayyib Products Exhibition will be organized by DISCOVER EVENTS with partnership of GIMDES in ISTANBUL CONGRESS CENTER (ICC) on 22-25 October 2015. It is the only platform of Halal certified products’ manufacturers in Turkey.

    It is expected that 200 brands will attend the fair from various countries operating in the fields of food, beverage, cosmetics, medical products, sanitary and hygiene materials, Islamic fashion, textile, tesettur clothing and pilgrimage materials. Some of the exhibitor countries include Turkey, Malaysia, Korea, Algeria, Indonesia and the USA.

    We have the full conviction that the Halal and Healthy Products Fair which has a leveraging effect for the halal product industry will further strengthen it.

    There will be many events and activities during this organization such as World Halal Council Annual General Meeting, International Halal Food Summit, Halal and Tayyib Products Exhibition, Fiqh workshop in the international Halal and Tayyib subjects, International Medical and pharmaceutical workshops, SME (Small Medium Enterprises) Summit, Halal and Tayyib Dining.

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